About Us Thinking

Two best friends known by others for their storage of useless facts that nobody cares about. We like to talk about stuff that NORMAL people find boring, or just think is all lies. Once roommates, sitting down with a cup of coffee and discussing our different opinions had become our mayor hobby. But now we have started to live our lives in separate ways, so we decided to start this blog, not only to keep talking about all the stuff we like and to keep in touch with all the information we find out on our own. But to share it with you guys. We have stumble across some people with our same interests and have decided to included them to our list of authors as additional contributors. We do this for fun, and really will like for everyone to enjoy our blog. 

Remember we do research, but we speak our minds out. You will find true information about myth, facts, legends, religions, books, traditions, and everything else we think is not a NORMAL topic of discussion. And you will find our honest opinion too. Feel free to comment and contact us.