The Crew

First of all let's make this clear; I'm a realistic & cruel person, there's no soft side of the truth.

I'm from Puerto Rico, also known as "La Isla Del Encanto", I'm a laid-back person, with too much time in my hands, so I do what every smart person would do... Learn!

I'm a Massage Therapist, a book worm, an artist, a frustrated photographer and a writer in progress. I have a passion for the unknown, and like to find the rational logic to everything. But I'm still a freak for whatever that can surprise me and make me think everything is possible. I am the CRAZY aunt that lives in every family and love to criticize everything. SO BE AWARE! Sometimes I could sound hard and tough, but I am like those candies with soft inside.

Born & raised in Puerto Rico, a small island in the Caribbean sea, the last colony or war trophy with more than 500 hundred years of history. 

Batiste & raised under the catholic church until age 7. At 12 I came across an old raggedy  book "The Yellow Jacket" left behind in the beach by someone. It opened my eyes to the world, then I understood that there was more than what my parents told me. 

Since then I've been reading and learning. About science, mythology, astrology, medicine, politics, religion, magic, demonology. In short, everything. Just name it. 

*Remember nothing is true... everything is permitted*

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