Thursday, April 5, 2012

POW: Do Dragons exist?

Last poll was, Do Dragons exist?... And here are your answers.

43% ...Of course they do!

29% ...Perhaps, but should be very few who still live.

14% ...Nop! Never!

14% ...Maybe they did a long time ago, but not anymore.

For thousands of years now, dragons have been recurring characters in myths and legends from cultures all around the world. Sure, some of their features might change, you know, wings, teeth, colouring and the like, but the essence, the true essence of dragonhood remains.

Doing the research to give you guys the truest information there is out there I have stomp myself with a lot of things that even I didn't knew. 

Some say that Dragons don't exits, clear as that. But I ask myself, is the mind of the human being so evolve to imagine such creatures, and really how is possible that around all the world, in different countries, different times, the legends of magnificent dragons have being part of history. 

So what can I tell you that you already don't know? Well I can't be sure about it, but here it goes, I will tell you first about the crazy things I have find out while doing research.

1) Dragons are real, but they only live in a spiritual realm, and are only on earth in a human body, by curse for punishment, or because they want to. They serve as spiritual guardians to some people, and even when they are only in spiritual form they are always there often checking up on the one they wish to guide or guard.

2) Dragons aren't real, is impossible for a body of that magnitude to fly in the Earth atmosphere.*But the same thing have been said about a lot of animals and creatures that do exist and do fly in Earth, not because we cant explained it, it means it isn't real*

3) Dragons exist, but in the universe. Like the ones in Saturn belt. *This one it sounded really stupid to me, but if you want to read more about it here is the lunatic who got this information on the web The Truth about Dragons*

4) Dragons are the ones responsible to create the human, they got bored and experiment and found a way to make us. *Okay, so maybe this one is from a kind of story, but believe me, some friends of mine believe it to be true, I know fucking crazy!!! The whole story here > The Truth about Dragons, Santa and The Easter Bunny*

5) Dragons were just dinosaurs. *But that makes me think, werent dinosaurs in Earth before the humans? Correct me if Im wrong, but I was in the idea that no human lived among the dinosaurs, so if that is true how come humans can tell stories about the Dragons, the slaying and the attacks, if it weren't by the same time?*

Like with the Sirens, their isn't anything out there that could be use as an actual fact. So it's all about myths, legends, stories and superstitions running from generations to generations. What could be true? In my honest true, they do exist, but the society of today isn't one who is capable of understanding things that they cannot explain with out proof or science!!!


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