Thursday, February 2, 2012

Review: The Darkest Kiss by Gena Showalter

She has tempted many men...but never found her equal. Until now.
Though she has lived for centuries, Anya, goddess of anarchy, has never known pleasure. Until Lucien, the incarnation of death--a warrior eternally doomed to take souls to the hereafter. He draws her like no other. And Anya will risk anything to have him.

But when the merciless Lord of the Underworld is ordered by the gods to claim Anya herself, their uncontrollable attraction becomes an anguished pursuit. Now they must defeat the unconquerable forces that control them, before their thirst for one another demands a sacrifice of love beyond imagining...

 My Review

Wow!!! I have to say Showalter really went overboard with this one. Thank God I didn't let the prequel lured me away from this series.

In this book, the 2nd of the Lords Of The Underworld series we have Lucien as the main male; in The Darkest Night we got to know him as the host of the lord of death, bound to accompany Maddox soul everynight at midnight. And was always describe to be the most calm of them, even when he used not to be it. In the last book he was boring, really never got my attention, but in this book he was funny, romantic and a very bad boy. I love the 180° change he made in this book, and all for a woman, he let his true self come and play. Love how he acted like an ass to "keep away Anya", but you know he just wanted to make sure she was telling the true about desiring him.

Anya, the goddess of Anarchy, the one who helped Ashlyn and Maddox to break the curse, in the last book; is the main female in this book, and she was awesome. A Goddess with sorority girl language, she had me laughing at everything. She is a pure bad ass. She was determined and free. 

You see how they battle against evrything just to be by eachother side. Something that started like pure lust, finished like true love. Oops! sorry! I better stop talking or I will finish giving a lot of spoilers, and I don't like that.

Again I LOVED how even when Lucien & Anya was the main focus of this book, Showalter doesn't forget about the other Lords and keep giving you hints of whats going on with them, which make you want to read a book focus on each one.

Overall this book is worth reading, you don't want it to finish. READ IT!!! YOU WONT REGRET IT!!!

Ready to read what Showalter brings me on the next book! 


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