Monday, January 2, 2012

Explaining God existence to a 13 year old.

    Last week my 13 year old cousin asked me, does God really exist? How do you know its not another Santa Claus or a very good fairy tale?

Well this was my answer. I took a paper and a pen and said "what are the traits of God?" Hes's almighty, loving, compassionate, ever living and so on. Then he asked me if there was nothing in the begging how was God there to create something in the first place.
This is the eternal line, lets call it God. God being eternal has no end or begging. God has no mass so he covers no space, he simply is. Now time is undefined, you can measure certain amount of time, like for example you can measure one hour, a day, a year, but time its not eternal it has to end at some point.

Now that we've made that clear
This is a time line, it has a begging and has an end, the end being undefined, so God being eternal created time.
We live in the time stream for an undefined time until we die. God on the other hand is in the eternal stream, so he will not end.

What or who is God i cannot tell, but if you believe that we and the universe are the product of some sort of cataclysmic event then you have more faith than I do.


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