Monday, January 2, 2012

Ghost Stories

In every corner of the world there are ghost stories, a hunted house, apparitions and old tales. I just want to share my own personal experience.


About 2 years ago I moved in with a friend to this nice house, we cleaned and painted the house moved all our stuff in, there was really nothing out of the ordinary.
After about a month and a half we stared noticing weird stuff, brand new light bulbs exploding, door opening and closing on there own, toilet flushing it self, we though the there was something wrong with the water pressure or the energy at the house. So my house mate called her uncle, a handy man, he knew about things like that, after and hour or two he told us that there was nothing wrong, so we just assume it was an old house there's no big deal. Then I stared having this nightmares about this black silhouette choking me, at first I just woke up roll over and keep sleeping, then they became more and more frequent. I was getting nervous and for some reason my insomnia kick in to make things worst. If you have ever had insomnia you know that you are never really asleep or awake, is something in between all the time. So one night I felt some one or some thing sitting in the corner of my bead. Have you ever had that felling? its like you can fell the mattress constricting but there's no one there. Over the next days it didn't stayed in the corner it came closer, I read something about it on the web called sleep paralysis and it said that what I was felling was my nerves and muscles contracting and going numb, so in my right mind I though to my self "it's ok am just falling asleep" but then things went really out of control, I felt someone choking me(I know you guys must be thinking "this dude smokes to much weed" well let me tell you weed is not my drug of preference or any drug that makes me feel like am moving in slow motion) so I tried to scream but I couldn't even move I don't think that I was there even for a minute but it felt like an eternity, I could't move or do much so I stared praying and after a while it stop. I hauled ass to the bathroom, and I noticed I still had the ipod in one hand and my cellphone in the other I put them on top of the toilet and washed my face in the sink and I notice that my neck had this red hand marks like if some one was actually choking me. I left the house like a month after.

You decide...


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