Sunday, January 22, 2012

Video: Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus

I really had to share this video with you guys. Even though I'm a Pagan, I respect Jesus. And like to study religions and talk about them. Been born & raised in the Baptist church, and then spending all my high school years in a Adventist Church, I really liked studying the bible from these really different points of views and debating with friends about our different points. 

But like in anything in this world, people stay with what makes them feel joy. And for me that was being a Wiccan. But that doesn't mean that everything I learn in my early years is ignored. Or that I don't believe in Jesus or worship the devil. So even thought my beliefs are different Jesus will always have a place in my heart.

Today one of the most important women in my life send me this video. Something that for some people may be harsh. But I think the author of it isn't the only one who is feeling this way. I once felt like this. And I know a lot of people who try to describe why they have problems following "The Right Path" and I have heard more than once "God & Jesus aren't the problem, Religions are!"

Maybe for people who follow "The Right Path" feel like I'm attacking you. And I wish to clear it, this isn't to attack those who are real believers and who feel comfortable in their place of praise. This is for the people who feel lost, and feel like they are betraying Jesus because they don't stand his religions. This is so you guys remember that what is important is what is in your heart and not were you pray. Hope you like it, and remember everyone have different points of views, but we should all share them with respect for one another. 


Margie Otero said...

Amazing!!!! Love it!!! Sooo True!!!

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