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POW: Mystery Of The Stonehenge

Last week poll was, Mystery of Stonehenge: Who do you think put them there? And here are your answers.

56% Aliens

22% The Divine

22% Humans

0% Nature

We know almost nothing about who built Stonehenge and why. But at least we can share some theories that have been given over the years.

Stonehenge was produced by a culture that left no written records. Many aspects of Stonehenge remain subject to debate. This multiplicity of theories, some of them very colourful, are often called the "Mystery of Stonehenge”

There is little or no direct evidence for the construction techniques used by the Stonehenge builders. Over the years, various authors have suggested that supernatural or anachronistic methods were used, usually asserting that the stones were impossible to move otherwise.

Many early historians were influenced by supernatural folktales in their explanations. Some legends held that Merlin had a giant build the structure for him or that he had magically transported it from Mount Killaraus in Ireland, while others held the Devil responsible. Henry of Huntingdon was the first to write of the monument around 1130 soon followed by Geoffrey of Monmouth who was the first to record fanciful associations with Merlin which led the monument to be incorporated into the wider cycle of European medieval romance. According to Geoffrey's Historia Regum Britanniae, using his magic Merlin took the circle from its original place in Ireland at the behest of Aurelius Ambrosius to serve as an appropriate burial place for Britain's dead princes.
A popular theory advanced in the 19th century was that the Druids, a people that existed in Britain before the Roman conquest, had built it as a temple. Modern archaeological techniques, though, have dated Stonehenge and we now know that it was completed at least a 1,000 years before the Druids came to power. If Druids used Stonehenge for their ceremonies they got the site secondhand. Despite this, modern Druids have laid claim to Stonehenge and an annual ceremony takes place at Stonehenge during Summer solstice, one of the ring's astronomical alignments. 

I stumble with this Article given by M Klarfeld and it really got my attention with his information.

The earliest portion of the complex dates to approximately 2950-2900 BCE. (Middle Neolithic). It is comprised a circular bank, ditch, and the counterscarp bank of about 330 feet (100 meters) in diameter. Just inside the earth bank is a circle of the 56 Aubrey holes. Research has revealed that before the Sarsen Circle of upright stones was erected, a 285 foot diameter circle of 56 chalk holes, 3 feet in diameter, was created. (These are called the Aubrey Holes, in honor of John Aubrey). A CBS TV program in the 1960s ran a computer analysis of the Aubrey circle. 

They declared that Stonehenges location latitude 51 degrees 11 minutes, was a very special location for eclipses of the moon. This location produces moon eclipses in the repeating sequence of 19 years, 19 years, and 18 years. Adding 19+19+18=56. Thus if the white 3 foot diameter chalk holes were covered by a black stone, that was moved around the circle in synch with the passage of moon cycles, the black stone would arrive at the heal stone position, on the exact day when a moon eclipse would occur. (Eclipse computer.)(S.I.D.) 

How could this stone computer have been created without the precise knowledge of the celestial mechanics of this unique geographic location? Certainly this was not the work of the early tribes that lived on this Salisbury Plain, thousands of years ago. This S.I.D. (Stored Information Device) clearly displays enormous information about planet Earth celestial relationships with the Sun, the Moon and the rotational speed of our planet. 

Following the stone computer, came the erection of the 30 upright stones that formed the Sarsen Circle, 100 feet in diameter. (My question was why 30? I divided 360 degrees by 30 and discovered the number 12. The number 12 is one of the most important numbers in the Anunnaki civilization, their Pantheon consisted of the Twelve Great Anunnaki gods, they declared 12 months in one year, 2 twelve hour parts of each day, they created the 12 signs of the Zodiac. These Sarsen uprights are harder than granite and weigh 25 tons each. They were quarried at Marlborough Downs using tools not locally available at that time, and then transported these huge stones over 20 miles to this site.

The final construction placed each upright stone into the ground, forming the 100 foot circle with the top level of all 30 stones extraordinarily attaining the identical elevation.

The tops of these uprights were linked by a continuous ring of 30 horizontal Sarsen lintels, curved to follow the circumference of the circle. These lintels were anchored in place by tenon joints, (pin and hole in the vertical plane) and tongue and groove in the horizontal plane. I believe that this is the first manifestation of a temple structure, using tall vertical columns and with caps stones to tie the columns together.

When I realized all of the intricate details that were accomplished in this part of the Stonehenge complex, plus the 45 ton Sarsen Trilithon sighting structures, erected inside of the Sarsen circle, with much heavier lintels, I could only conclude that an enormously advanced intelligence built these structures. 

Alien, early humans tribes, giants, Merlin, a force stronger than humans like God or Deities? Who is responsible for the construction or placement of this huge stone? Guess we can’t said for sure. Something I know for sure, is that it couldn’t be done by humans alone. Which one was it? I will let you guys think about it.


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Really gives you something to think about! This is very interesting makes you wonder if there really are or were GODs.

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